After taking the morining after pill a few times (I know that it is wrong and I should stick to a cheaper and safer form of contraceptive) I stopped. Then I carried on having unprotected sex with my partner. I was supposed to get a period 5 to 6 days after taking the morning pill, but i didn't. Instead I got a period after two weeks and it lasted a day. This was very suprising to me because this has never happened to me in my history of taking the morning after.

About two weeks after that 1 day period I had a clear jelly like discharge, till now I'm still not sure what is was it never came again. Just to take note I last saw a proper period (which was from a morning after) at the end of June. Then had the period and the discharge in July. On the first week of August I had a sharp abdominal pain that went straight to my butt and it caused me to have piles, I couldn't sit a walk. then the next day i bought a Home pregnancy test and it came out negative. I still haven't gotten any period. I don't know what is going on with my body..