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Hi everyone,

I just joined this forum because I'm very very very concerned that I may be pregnant. It's a bit of a long story, and I'll try to shorten it as much as possible.

The scenario is as follows:

I've been on the pill for more than a year now, my partner and I rarely have sex, because of an issue I suffer from (but that's a different story), and on monday night my partner and I had unprotected sex, where he came inside of me.

On the same day I was starting my sugar pills, and I normally get my period on the 4th sugar pill, although last time I only bled a little tiny bit, the month prior to that I skipped my period because I was on holiday.

So he came inside of me which is USUALLY safe whilst on the pill, but I realised I forgot to take the pill 3 days prior... I took 2 the next day as recommended, but JUST to play things safe, we got the morning after pill.

So I took the morning after pill less than 12 hours after having sex, exactly as recommended, even though I was so close to my period. I didn't want any possibility of being pregnant at all. Now like I said earlier, I normally get my period on the 4th day of the sugar pill, which was 2 days ago. I havent got it yet.

Could I be pregnant? I read somewhere that the morning after pill can delay your period... and the chances of me being pregnant are probably next to nothing as I was taking the pill anyway, and so close to my period too.

But there's still that horrible concerned worried anxious feeling.



Hun you can take the morning after pill within 3days(72 hours), you took it at the perfect time. Your not pregnant... If your still worried take a test.


i know i know, but thing is my period was due 3 days ago now... I'm just a bit anxious... okay a 'bit' is an understatement.


One the box of Plan B it says it will either make your period come late or early... guess its late so your fine.


long story short,
my boyfriend doesnt get pleasure with a condom whatsoever
and usually ill tell him to finish himself off because im to young and to focused on school to have a baby in my care.
well this time, he used his tricky ways and asked if he could cum in me
and the next day he agreed to buy me the morning after pill.
well, he came in me twice at the time period of 10-12 at night
and when we woke up, we went for it once more,
and i didnt see any harm in him cumming in me once again because it already had happened,
so we go to shoppers, get the pills,
and i go home.
nearly 7 hours after our 3rd time of sex
i took the pills

i usually get my period in the late 20's of a month and its the 24th today and i still havent gotten my period yet,
this all happened this past weekend
im a bit scared the pills wont work because i took them too quickly
i took the pills sunday night at around 7pm
and its now tuesday morning,

is there a possibility im pregnant?
or should i wait it off a few days to see if i get my period.