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I can't believe that tooth can hurt this much. I don't have so much experience with the toothache until now. My tooth is swollen and I need to wait for it to get back to regular condition if I want to go to the dentist. I was thinking to take Motrin and Tylenol together. Do any of you have experience with mixing those medications?


Hi, I must say that I haven't had troubles like you with tooth but I have been taking those two medications together. I have been using it for the high fever and I can say that they have work very good. I don't know will they help you in reducing inflammation and pain but they should. You can use full dose of both medications and you can use Tylenol every 4 hours and Motrin every 6 hours. Take a lot of fluids.


several years ago i had the shingles which were located my left side of my head. the usual pain was really bad and my doctor recommended for me to take tylenol and motrin at the same time as instructed on the labels. it really helped. :-)


go to the doctor or dentist and get some vicoprofin it will help the pain and swelling


It is is a 3 strep process that has helped me significantly (with most of my tooth-ache 95% throughout the pain the past few days in my lower 2 molars that started when the nerve was exposed due to the two teeth partially breaking off and exposing the nerve partially:

1) Take a tablespoon of high alcohol content (80+ Proof, but cheap) bourbon, vodka or whiskey, gargle/swoosh that in and around the effected are for 1 minute, swoosh it through the areas infected (like molar and lower gum all same side) Then spit out.

2)Wait one minute

3) Take a small, finger-hut. Des-infect the finger-hut by wiping high grade alcohol (80 proof minimum!)
Create in that small finger-hut bowl a *paste*: consisting of:
small amount (1/2 teaspoon) of sensodyne (pro enamel),
2 parts coarse or fine sea salt,
1/2 part hot water,
1/2 part white Vinegar (I use rice wine vinegar.
Mix this up good and use a Qtip to get some of the paste out onto it.
Then take a liquid ibuprofec capsule, cut the tip off and sqeuuze some of the liquid ibuprofen on the q-tip tht is by now convered in the paste

4) Push that Qtip that is soaked in the paste and liquid ibuprofen and push it into the area of where the tooth is (rub along the gum, insert into hole/broken fillings, until is looks nice and packed.

5) Take some regular liqui-caps ibuprofen, swallow them with water, not not enough to wash the paste away tho!

6) For the last part, wet a small towel and stick it in the Microwave for 45sec to a min (depending on how high Wattage your nuke is)

7) Lie down, small, HOT towel between your pillow and the affected tooth area and give it a few minutes.

When you wake up, take immediately 2 IBUPROFEN and repeat the steps above and you will be good for at least the hole day