I have had a toothache for over a month now and i have been taking motrin and extra strength tylenol, i have been to a couple of dentist and one told me just one of my teeth needed to be cut out, then the second dentist a month later said 2 teeth needed to be cut out the 2 teeth are my wisdom tooth and the one right in front of it the wisdom is deacaying when it still has a filling in it and there other, the feeling fell out and then after it had fallen out about 2 months later it started hurting i've been on penicillin the first 2 weeks in august then augmentin the last week of august and the first week of september, because i can't afford to have them pulled or cut out right now it will cost me $500. -$1000 and i am on a fixed income and i can't afford what they are asking for so PLEASE tell me what i can do in the mean time with the pain, i have been taking ibuprofen for over a month and thats starting to scare me and it seems as if i have to take more now than what i was i have tryed aleve and advil nothing seems to help now can you please help until i can go next month.