hello. haven't been here in a while. Just a question. Just had a tooth (molar) shaped down for a cap. Only the temporary is in place right now. My dentist is away for a week. Anyway the main reason for this was because it was sensitive to cold. Been that way for years. Finally decided to cap it and insulate it ( Sorry I don't do root canals...written in stone...no speeches please...LOL) Anyway about 3 days afterward my gums were still sore and come to find out it was a particulary bad mouth ulcer way up in the fold of cheek where I can't really get to it. I have always gotten these anyway but now I also have another one in a more normal place. They actually seem to be getting better though. Also I can't really chew hard on the cap because it is sensitive to pressure although the cold sensitivity is remarkably improved. I know the caps is not glued on very tight as I think I was able to move it so it probably isn't sealed. I think this may be normal until the permanent cap is really glued on. Could these ulcers be related to the dental work and also am I on the right track about the sensitivity being due to the cap just being temporary? There is no pain whatsoever from tooth other when trying to bite hard (which I know I am not supposed to anyway)