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On June 26, my dentist prepared my cracked tooth number 30 for the crown. I had several problems with temporary crown including very sore gum and pain with biting and cold sensitivity. However, since pain was not lingering, my dentist placed my permanent crown on July 12. but it didn't subside and in fact, it got worse. After one week, I visited him again and he took X-ray and did cold test and pressure test. He also knocked at my tooth which was not painful. My tooth was very sensitive to cold but it went away in less than 30 seconds. Also, I didn't feel pain with pressure test although I felt pain when I bit on hard things. So, my dentist said I had to wait and I had high chances to get better. He said sensitivity to pressure is normal even for 30 to 90 days. Now 10 days has passed from my permanent crown placement, but I don't see any improvement. Also, today I discovered my tooth is sensitive to hot too although it doesn't linger for a long time after hot food is removed. I think once I realized this sensitivity with that temporary crown but didn't care about it.

Are these reversible pulpits symptoms? Is that heat sensitivity shows my tooth nerve is dying? How long do you think I must wait before I see an endodontic?

Thanks a lot.  


It could also be inflamed. Gums can get very inflamed since the tooth is shaped and stuff before hand and it it shaped past the gum-line and can take a long time to heal. Take some over the counter anti- inflammatory meds (Like ibuprofen) and also buy a thing of Maximum toothache reliever (It's the nice numbing stuff you get for babies but get the adult ones.) and use those as directed till you can get back to your dentist. also maybe when brushing your teeth use warm water and floss more slowly then once you get it between the teeth just pull the string out instead of back up. Also, if you use mouth wash go for something that has mint in it and mix a bit of it with hot water (It will become warm by the time you go to use it.) and swish it around. it should help with the pain and clean your teeth at the same time. This is what I do to lesson the pain when time to brush my teeth.

1. take two ibuprofen 10 to 15 minutes before I start.
2. get my mouth wash ready (Mix half a cap of mouth wash with half a cap of hot water)
3. Floss teeth.
4. Brush teeth (Use warm water when running the toothbrush under water.)
5. Use the mouth wash.
6. Wait a bit and if the sensitivity is still bothering you (Which it should have lessened or stop by then thanks to the ibuprofen.) Then put the numbing stuff on.

that should help also ask your dentist about the fluoridex mouthwash and the fluoridex toothpaste. My dentist gave me that for my small early stage of gingivitis and I used it after I got my crown put in and it helps.