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I had a root canal about 5 years ago,  it fell out a few weeks ago new dentist glued it back in my mouth as a temp fix.. he says only option is drill out rest of roots, ( the old dentist left two) and put a bridge.. I do not want a hole in my mouth where a tooth used to be.. I have no insurance and now there is 4,000 of repair work needed in my mouth. If my tooth comes out again I am thinking of super gluing it to the teeth next to it.. any ideas on this?


Yes, dentists can be very costly but have you thought about going to a dental school where they do these sort of repairs with a professor onsite a lot cheaper?  Look into it before super-gluing your tooth back into place yourself, it may be a temporary fix but the problem with the glue will be the removal will have to be filed off after (which will cost more money).  Just some advice from someone with not a lot of money either.