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Hi! I'm a 26-year-old, active female with a low/moderate stress career. For the past 2-3 months, I've been experiencing some extremely noticeable and frightening symptoms. I have been to my general doctor more times than I'd like to admit, as well as a neurologist, who both think these issues are related to anxiety, which I am not mentally experiencing. I even went to a psychologist to try to address this "physical anxiety," but she doesn't think I show signs of anxiety at all. I hope to get a second opinion from a neurologist soon.

Here are my symptoms since Dec 11, 2016:

Symptoms in Order of Occurrence

  1. Daytime muscle twitches • Painless; often visible but sometimes very small or just resulting in a “twitchy” feeling in my chest, shoulders or legs. Daily.
  2. Myoclonic Jerks as I’m falling asleep • Nighttime jerks occurring between 1-9 times on certain nights, about 3 times a week.
  3. Deep Muscle Aches on a specific side of body • Deep ache that seems to be worse in my hips, lower back, or shoulders depending on the day. Sometimes disappears and reappears within the day.
  4. Feeling of Muscles “Buzzing” or prickling • As if all muscles, especially legs, are overexcited.
  5. Tingling, Hot Feeling on Left Side of Head/Scalp •  Seems to coincide with neck and shoulder tension.
  6. Heaviness of feet that doesn’t result in lack of strength/ability to exercise • May not be related as I've had stress fractures in the past, but it causes some concern on days when I otherwise feel okay.
  7. Heart palpitations and chest tightness/tickling • Was only a problem for about a week, but very noticeable
  8. Acid Reflux-type symptoms • Never experienced this before December, and only about 5 times since.
  9. Nausea/Panic attack • Usually only if I’m overwhelmed about my health

Things I’ve Tried:

  • Reducing or eliminating caffeine (may have helped — more caffeine makes daytime twitches and nighttime jerks worse)
  • Adding or reducing alcohol (1-2 drinks helps with twitches, hangover makes it worse)
  • Taking Methyl B12, Methyl Folate (needed for MTHFR gene), Vitamin D, Magnesium, Theanine Serene
  • Talk therapy

Tests Taken & Results:

  1. Panel Bloodwork: Normal except low Vitamin D and discovery of homozygous MTHFR gene mutation.
  2. Inflammation blood test: No inflammation
  3. Mono: Negative
  4. PTH: Normal
  5. Calcium & Phosphate: Normal
  6. Vitamin D Follow-Up: Low-Normal (42)
  7. Neurologist Strength & Reflex Testing: Unconcerned by results, but said my reflexes were a bit “jumpy” but no more than normal for a young woman.


you do any exercises,or theapy


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For me, asking for a neurological advise was a good move, but obviously they do not take it as a concern since some crucial symptoms are missing.

You said it suddenly started in December. Do you have in mind any particular situation which could be a trigger?



Good question, as I've asked myself the same thing. It started with a string of 4 nights of jerking as I was falling asleep multiple times, and then a panic attack about the daytime twitches that had started developing.

In terms of triggers for that first night, I can't think of anything other than some excitement/anticipation over a pending job offer that I've since received and moved on from, with no improvement in symptoms. And even that certainly didn't make me anxious. Nothing in my diet changed, but I had a couple of nights where I stayed up a little later than usual and got less sleep because I was preparing for the interview.


I exercise about 3-4 times a week, a combination of cardio and strength. I probably only get around to yoga once a month or so. I do not receive therapy other than one visit to a psychologist and multiple massages.

In fact, these symptoms began shortly after a massage, but haven't gotten better or worse after receiving more massages.


in my opinion ,definitly a nerve issue ,that can be triggered by anxiety,have you been tested for MS or any realated illnesses,,?but i also dont think anxiety is the root of your problem


Thanks for your reply. I agree – but if not anxiety, then what? I told my neurologist I was concerned about MS and a few others, but he seemed unconcerned after performing some tests on my feet, neck and general strength. He said he wasn't ruling out fibromyalgia but I feel like my muscle twitches and jerks are very nerve-related.


i think its stress realated ,there has to be something stressful your overlooking ,maybe in your childhood ,or maybe as an adult ,but it seems to me your repressing it ,and trying to find something other than what really is the problem ,the doctors did all the medical part ,as far as there concern ,they cant find nothing wrong ,i think the problem is within you ,


Did you ever find out the cause of your symptoms? I have the exact symptoms as you and my neurologist brushed me off. Hoping someone can help me.