Hello Everyone,

About 2-3 years ago I was lying in the bed and randomly started jerking from the right side of my stomach -- and it has continued happening ever since.  Only now, it's daily and I have long episodes of jerking.

While the jerks are not painful, they can go on for 45 mins till and 1hr + and happen all day.  In addition to the jerking, I have stomach flutters/tremors that happen right after and/or during my jerking episodes.

Other issues that have come along with the jerking are:

  • Daily left temple twitches episodes - which feels like a series knocking on my temple. It doesn't hurt - but it is uncomfortable and it worries me. 
  • A few times my hand wouldn't open and I had to use my other hand to open/straighten it out.
  • Neck pain.
  • One side of my face when numb one day while massaging my neck. 

After Googling and reading some forums - my jerking issues sound like Reticular Myoclonus or Stimulus Sensitive Myoclonus.  I am leaning towards the ladder - due to remembering the first one I ever had was while listening to binaural beats. I also notice I do it more when stressed, worried or when I think about something that causes my anxiety.

This also all sounds like symptoms of MS.

I have made an appt to see an neurologist - but I won't be able to be seen until May - and I am worried. 

Any help, advice or suggestions?