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Hello Everyone :D So I'm not really sure what to say to my friends but I kinda just need some help. I go to summer school because a lot of my friends are going. Theres a girl in my gym class named Kayla. Shes big..I admit but I feel SOO BADD!! :((( I have friends and lets call them A and M. We do warm ups and today (wednesday) we had to run to on side of a wall and back and she was a little far behind. and then A and M were laughing. I feel so bad :( she doesnt have any friends execpt this one girl who never comes :( What should I say because their one of my best friends :((:'(  -GOD BLEES U GRANDPA R.I.P- 


Well I'm glad you realized that what they say and do is wrong, you need to tell them, as a friend, to stop because they are probably hurting the girl's feelings(which is definately WRONG!). Be the bigger person and say hi to her every once in a while and just be a really nice guy because that's who you are not a bully!

So tell your friends that that's definately NOT COOL and that they need to stop it.

I hope you do the right thing my love:)

Goodluck & Godbless<3