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So my girlfriend that Ive lived with for a year has pictures of her exes in her phone. She doesn't feel she should have to get read of them. Like one of the pics is with her boyfriend in her shorts no shirt on playing around. I feel bothered by these. Should I? Also her ex boyfriends text her and hit on her like crazy telling her how hot she is. I told her they need to go or me. And she says she would never give up her friends for me. So what should I do at this point?


Hi there, Let me start by saying that you have every right to be bothered by this behavior. They are called exes for a reason, they are X'd out of your life (or should be) especially if you are in an obviously committed relationship where you are living together. If her exes think she is so great why aren't they with her? By the same token, if she still has enough emotional attachment to these immature jerks, (I call them that because any guy that would continue to hit on an ex, knowing she is living with another man is immature, and a jerk!) then there is something wrong with her as well. This may seem harsh but the truth of the matter is, if you have told her that these pics and texts bother you, and she has not only not stopped the behavior, but has the Audacity to tell you, her CURRENT boyfriend that she would never give up her "friends" for you, then you need to ask yourself just how much your relationship means to her? How well do you know her? Do you know if she would tolerate you having pics of ANY woman in your phone? let alone pics of your ex girlfriends being playful, say...wearing a pair of your boxer's and no shirt? or just a bra and panties?

I don't know her...but if my man that I live with, share my life with, my bed with, my body with, had pics of his exes in his phone, and was getting texts from them saying he was hot, I wouldn't waste my breath telling him it bothered me, I'd be an ex. That's just one girl, one girl's' opinion mind you. That is a deal breaker. 

However, you chose to give her an's that working out for you? Sorry, but your gf sounds really selfish, immature, and honestly dude, she is the insecure one, not you. If she was secure in her beauty and worth as a woman, she would not need the constant reinforcement of these other men (who had their chance by the way) when she has a man at home that thinks she is "super hot" She would tell them she is with someone and has moved on, erase their pics, block them from her phone, apologize to you for making you feel unsure about your relationship, and be with you. 

I guess all that is left is for you to decide if her being hot is enough to override her ugly behavior? Or...mean what you say, and walk away, because in the end, we teach people how to treat us, and if you keep dealing with this, your teaching her that it's ok to disregard your feelings, because hers are more important. Not a good lesson to teach someone you have to share space and time with. I hope this has been helpful...Good luck, not insecure dude ;-)