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People are, by nature, curious or should we say "nosy"? Your relatives, coworkers and acquaintances will always want to know more about you. Your friends too, but you'll probably share all the important things with them anyway.

Have you met someone? Are you going to get married? Will you be promoted? Are you planning to buy a house? Are you pregnant, or at least trying to conceive? Let's face it, babies are exciting. On the other side of the coin, attempting to get pregnant is actually quite a private thing! So what do you say about your adventures in TTC? The answer is quite simple: you say whatever you want. Share whatever you feel comfortable sharing. There are some pros and cons to every decision you make, but in the end it all boils down to personal preference.

Why to share

Your old grandmother might think you're ancient at 35, and that you'll never experience the joy of motherhood. Your mom might wonder if she's going to have any grandchildren. You might really want to talk about your charting efforts, or your weird luteal phase, or how you're going to tell your employer once you do get pregnant. Sharing the news that you are actually trying for a baby means sharing the joy as well as the worries that can come with the process.

It can certainly be very comforting to talk about your TTC efforts, not because of the efforts themselves but because you'll probably be exploring what it will be like to be pregnant, have a baby, and be a parent. One final advantage to telling at least a few people that you are trying for a baby is that many men don't really enjoy talking about ovulation calendars and baby names all that much. They're really excited about becoming a dad, but just want to get on with it rather than discussing it all to death.

Your (female) friends and relatives will probably enjoy these chats, though, and that will provide the outlet you need. You could also just talk about trying to conceive with people online, of course. Just don't use Facebook unless you want the whole world to know.

Why to keep it to yourself

Are you looking for a new job? Though sex discrimination including discriminating against women based on their reproductive lives is illegal in most places, it still happens. Don't answer "trying to conceive" to questions about what you like to do in your free time when you go to a job interview. Unless you really don't want the job, of course.

There are situations in which sharing the fact that you'd like to get pregnant soon is just not a good idea. Beside the fact that sex is really quite a private topic, you have to consider the possibility that you simply won't conceive very quickly. People who know you are trying will continuously wonder and often ask if you are knocked up yet. The fertility police will constantly question you. Are you willing to deal with that? "Actually, it's just not happening and I think there is quite a big chance that I am infertile, or my partner is, or perhaps we both are.

We're thinking about going to the doctor and having everything checked out, but we have to wait for at least 12 months." Yeah, there is nothing particularly wrong with sharing all those things, but your neighbor or third cousin don't have to know, if you don't want them to. And they will know if you previously told them you are trying for a little one. There's also the chance that you do get pregnant very soon, but that you want to keep that fact to yourself for the first 12 weeks, as many couples do.

The first trimester brings the highest chance of miscarriage. Miscarriage is a painful event, and one that is often met with stupid and hurtful comments. How do you reply to the "are you pregnant yet" question if you are, but don't want to share? Tough stuff! One ideal way to get around all of this to tell a few select people who are known for their ability to keep secrets, and keep your attempts to get pregnant to yourself with everyone else. What did you decide? Are you broadcasting your pregnancy hopes to the world, or keeping them quiet? And why?

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