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My girlfriend was suppose to have her period and hasn't had it this month, a couple weeks ago we had sex, but it was not even a minute and I only put it in an inch, maybe. There was no cum and I never got off. We live in Indiana, she then went on vacation to Florida, and still never had it. She is 15 and I just turned 18. We never have sex, just mostly the other stuff. She has stressed out a lot! And I also have myself, I'm just looking for answers as to why she never had it. Or maybe missed. Any help is appreciated!


Hi guest,

When did you have sex?  When was her last period?  When is she due? 

If she's late she can take a home pregnancy test.  Be sure that she uses her first morning urine, wake up pee.

The good news is that she can sometimes just be late.

The bad news is that you better hope she's not pregnant.  She's a minor, you are not.  At 15 she can't say "yes" to sex.  It's called statutory rape.  Look it up or see a lawyer.  You might be needing one soon.