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Okay so me & my girlfriend were at home one day & she gave me a ha****b until I came. I went to the restroom to clean my unit, wiped it with tissue, then my girlfriend got ontop of me, we didn't have sex but no more than maybe 3 minutes I fingered her. I started to think after a minute or so, maybe I didn't clean some of my hand that cum may have gotten on when I was cleaning my unit? So I got frightened and stopped immediately, I told her & she got frightened too. So 3 days pass she starts her Period. As usual not a week late or anything. She got it Thursday & we did stuff Monday(the fingering & ha****b). She's said it is a normal period, she was positive it was her period & nothing else, I trust her on that cause I think it's just her girl instinct that knows it's her period, as in one of those things that a girl just knows. She did tell me about two days ago(today is Tuesday of next week, she said she should be off it tomorrow, wednesday) that she felt like she had to vomit but she didn't & that she had back pain, but she said other than that she is feeling fine, normal her, that its a regular period to her. She said shes been eating a lot more but she has since before this all happened, but i feel like this will make me more stressed if she just telling me she gained weight & not knowing if shes pregnant or not. She seems not to be worried one bit, which is good for her but me as a guy that is just stressing over this situation I don't know if she is pregnant or not? Is there anything that can eliminate her from being pregnant? I wouldn't have unprotected Sex, but I believe I was careless of not making sure that I had no cum on my hand or fingers. So is there anything that you can say that may eliminate my girlfriend from being pregnant? May I have an honest opinion please, I've read most people say no there is no possibility since she had her period, but you never know. Should I just resort to buying a pregnancy test or can I just eliminate her being pregnant already? Btw she is 16, I am 15. We have been together for 1yr & about to be 3 months. We have been sexually active after 1yr together. Thank you for any help I can get


Sperm takes approximately 3 mins to die when outside the body. It is NOT reactive once dry.