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My first largely uneventful day!

Set an alarm for 5 am to take my medications in anticipation of the usual morning torture sessions. Ended up waking up about 9:45AM, which has been the best night of sleep I have had since the surgery. The last two nights I have actually been able to sleep for 4 to 5 hour stretches without having to wake up and take a sitz bath for pain management. This has made it possible to move back upstairs and sleep in my own bed!

No BM after waking up so I went ahead with my sitz bath, ate breakfast (oatmeal and canned peaches), and walked the dog. More good news, have not required any medications for pain all day, just took another sitz bath around lunchtime. Starting to slowly foray into some solid food, a couple of breakfast sausage biscuits for lunch.

No BM so far today, which has me worried. Even took some milk of magnesia around lunch time. I find it disturbing that I am starting to be so concerned about BMs. It reminds me of a movie named Leolo, a French-Canadian (english subtitled) film that I found hilarious, particularly the references to a generational obsession with daily BMs. Heh heh, if you are ever bored out of your mind and in the foreign film section, might want to check it out for a few laughs.

I am down to my last diaper, I think I might try to venture out into the world and restock. I have had very little bleeding since the surgery, mainly a light mucous discharge, which I am guessing is drainage from the surgery. Today, however, I noticed something a little different than the usual in my diaper, a ladybug! For some reason ladybugs invade our bathroom when it starts turning cold outside, so I better do a better job of keeping my diapers sealed up ;-)


You may have heard the theory that cell phones can cause brain cancer, I have a similar theory. Spending a couple of hours with a laptop on your lap causes hemorrhoidectomy victims to suffer devastating attacks of multiple painful bowl movements. Because that is exactly what happened to me shortly after my last post.

The first couple of BMs came in waves while sitting on the torture device over about a 20 minute period. It would feel like it was over, then five minutes later more came on. The stool was soft but still hurt like hell and I struggled avoiding going into a sheer panic. I attempted to survive it via 400MG of ibuprofen and the usual sitz bath. The pain level jumped up to about a 7. Even after the bath and lying back down, I still felt pressure in my rectum, which I hoped was just the swelling and pain from sitting on the toilet for so long. About 30 minutes later I realized the pressure was something else and I had to face the music, again. Another BM came and went, the pain jumped up to about a level of 9, and out of desperation I resorted to a lortab. Again the stool was soft, but by this time I was just exhausted, and aside from the pain of the BM coming out, my rectum was in aching from the long time spent sitting on the toilet. The pain made it difficult to maneuver in the tub, resulting in me splashing water out of the tub as I basically fell into it. My upstairs tub happens to be directly over my downstairs TV, and the water leaked through the floor and just barely missed the TV. Luckily my wife was down there and able to catch it with a bucket before it got to the TV. On a side note, the loretab is very quickly effective, the pain level dropped back down to about a 5 before I got out of the tub and I haven't noticed any drowsiness or other mental impairment from it. Aside from the fact that it might be causing constipation, it has been a life saver for me.

I have been attempting to slowly introduce solid foods back into my diet, and larger amounts of food. Maybe this has been a mistake? I think I am going to go back to my original soft-food only regimen, small meals, no meat or cheese, and try taking the stool softener and citrucel once in the morning and again in the evening. I think I am also going to stop the 5AM doses of loretab and valium since it might be the loretab causing what I am guessing is constipation, and the valium is to prevent the spasms associated with the constipation. Valium, however, is a different story. I can't function on it at all, it puts me to sleep and completely obliterates any useful mental function. I am at the point where a single BM can be handled just fine with ibuprofen and a sitz bath, but my system just can't tolerate multiple BMs.

On a positive note the sharp stabbing pain from the actual passage of BMs seems to be progressively getting better. I still have absolutely no idea what actually causes that pain, but it is getting better.

SHEEESH, this all just SUCKS. So much for my plans to venture out to the store, I can barely walk at this point. Any more than a single bowel movement in a day just completely wipes me out. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day...