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I had hemorrhoids remover on Tuesday, it’s now Sunday night. 


Below are are my struggles: 

Tuesday post surgery was great. No pain, could move around, pain pills were wonderful. 

Wednesday was a different thing. Passing my first gas bubble was so much pain, I almost passed out. I actually saw things go dark. 

Thursday was my first BM. I passed the pad that was in my colon and one t**d nugget. It took me a few hours. 

Friday was more of the same. Pain and the need to have a BM but nothing would come out. It felt like I was prairie dogging but bastard would not come out. I was able to get in the child’s pose position and let some gas out but no BM. 

Through this whole time I have not been able to pee properly. Muscles too tensed that I had to lay in the shower and pee. 

Finally on Saturday I had a BM and then another. Two nuggets and then another one. Same thing, I couldn’t go, lots of child poses, and finally just sat down and I kid you not I went full super saiyan. Needless to say I took double pain pills and went to bed shortly thereafter. I spent the better part of 5 hours.

Sunday has been a mixed bag, one BM with a bit larger t**d, still small by my standards. Have been passing gas a lot easier. Only went half saiyan, the second part came out on its own. The best part though is I’ve been able to pee standing up, so Easter miracle maybe? 

FYI lots of grains, stool softener, milk of magnesia, fresh fruits, and lots and lots of water. 


Update. It’s monday. Woke up at 4 am again needing to take pain pills. Most of my discharge comes at night. I’ve spent all day trying to poop. The big one finally came out. My bottom is so sore right now, is that how alter boys feel during Easter? It’s 7:30 pm and I’m laying in the bath for like the 4th time. I’m hoping that I don’t need another bm till tomorrow. I work in IT so I had today (and last Friday off), called my manager and I have the rest of the week to recover. Right now all I want is to for my BM to be soft like chocolate soft serve and for me not to go super saiyan. God bless my room mate, he’s taking this like a champ.