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i am supposed to get my period today (day 30 of my cycle) i took 2 pregnancy tests adn they were negative. so my period should be coming soon right jsut late cause i'm stressed. am i pregnant?


if you are stressed then that will play a big part with you hormones

the menstrual cycle is regulated by the brain which sends a signal to the uterus that prompts it to thicken its walls in case conception occurs and a pregnancy ensues. If pregnancy does not occur, the egg and uterine lining are shed during a female's monthly period.
While these functions take place regularly in a healthily functioning body, they can be halted by many different factors. These include sickness, a dramatic fluctuation in weight and stress

The reason for this is that the area of the brain that is responsible for controlling the menstrual cycle is affected by these issues. Stress, whether it is caused by a dangerous situation, relationship problems, difficult work or other external factors, can wreak havoc on the menstrual system,because when the body is placed under stress, it secretes cortisol (. This hormone diminishes the release of estrogen and progesterone, which are the hormones necessary for regular menstrual cycles to take place.

Also, stress to the body in the form of poor nutrition alters the proteins in the brain, rendering the hypothalamus incapable of managing the release of an egg by the ovaries.

A return to a normal menstrual cycle does not usually occur until stress-inducing factors are alleviated. Every woman's body responds to stress in different ways, and no two women's menstrual cycles will respond identically to the same stressful situation. It should be noted that continued stress can have detrimental effects on a woman's body, and it is important for women in these situations to find ways to get rid of stress in their lives. Once the stress has been reduced or eradicated, a normal menstrual cycle should resume.