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For years people have relied on this fanatabolous fat burning exercise of walking for keeping off all the ailments that usually set into the body because of aging or obesity.

6. Better cardio health: it's no amaze when people state that cardio health can be improved in a more satisfactory manner with the help of walking instead of the regular cardio workouts. Walking works out the muscles of the heart and makes them stronger so that they are able to pump in more amount of blood into the heart during every breathing cycle. In addition, to enhancing the quality of the functioning of heart, walking also enhances the duration of the functioning of heart.

7. Offset the chances of hypertension:
hypertension is one chronic condition that widely taken over the planet but then it may not be able to take over you if you go for a morning or evening walk every day. Walking prevents the build up of fat plaques in the inner wall region of vessels and therefore makes sure that the blood passes is able to pass through the normal-sized vessels with a standard pressure. Plaques of fatty deposits do tend to narrow the diameter of the vessels which in turn raises the pressure with which the normal amount of blood flows through it.

8. Mood elevation: one thing that is common between walking and dancing is that both of them promote the production of hormones that reduce the levels of stress. By reducing the level of stress hormones, walking is capable of rendering a feeling of good will and happiness to a person. It also increases the level of thinking by increasing the supply of oxygen to the brain which in turn helps a person in thinking more clearly about the issues of his/her life.

9. Improved lung's breathing capacity: your house may be ventilated with one of the best ventilation systems, but then let's face the truth it can never render the amount of freshness and oxygen through the air that circulates through it like the fresh air of the open surrounds. the air of out house has lesser concentration of oxygen than in the outside air and it is for this reason that walking outdoors can really help the asthmatics in ameliorating the breathing capacity of their lungs.

10. Offset the chances of diabetes: diabetes has a predilection of getting transmitted from one generation to another. However, its transmission can be stalled by going for a walk on a regular basis as walking is a workout the potentially boosts the metabolic rate which in turn regulates the sugar and insulin levels of the body.

11. Socializing: if you plan to join some walker's group for availing the various health benefits of walking then you can surely think about doubling the benefit by socializing with the other people of the group. Apart from improving the quality of your personal life socializing helps people in their professional life too.