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hi am 22 yrs old en im already married...until now i didnt experiece to have there any problems with me im scared...i already go to the OB but she only gives somes pills to take bec my uterus is there posibility to have my baby or not????????


I think it is certainly appropriate to be concerned, but not at this point unduly alarmed. You clearly appear to be otherwise healthy, inasmuch as you mention no other symptoms or issues, and are married, so at least one other human being thinks your normal.

There are three issues to consider:

- is it possible or normal to experience no menstruation to age 22?

Obviously yes. Is it an issue? I have heard of menstruation shutting down under deprivation for water and / or food, which prompts me to ask for example what your BMI is - your body mass index. Ultimately, if the body cannot 'spare' the loss of fluid (blood) entailed by menstruation it may simply cease that cycle. If you are extremely thin or underweight, and have been for your entire life, that may be something to consider.

- your uterus being small.

Combine that with the lack of menstruation, and it does make me wonder whether puberty was delayed, or affected. Has your figure developed (wider hips, breasts) as you might expect of normal puberty, or again, have you retained a skinny, boyish figure?

Your OB clearly did not seem concerned, beyond offering medication for the uterus, so on the assumption that you described the same symptoms as above, presumably she felt no reason for further action. She will also, of course, have seen your figure, and have answers to the questions I raise, out of curiosity.

- having a baby

Ultimately, having a baby requires at least an egg from your ovary, if you want to consider the baby to be genetically yours.

I recall some research that women are at some point supplied with all the eggs for the rest of their life, beyond which the menstrual cycle simply doles them out one at a time. If that is accurate, then even without a menstrual cycle, if the eggs are present, you could consider an operation to retrieve an egg or eggs, and consider IVF.

For normal pregnancy, you would expect to have eggs deposited in the normal way, and a menstrual cycle. Since this is not currently happening, your choices are to investigate the IVF option, and or investigate possible triggers to start the menstrual cycle.

Areas to research might be impact of hormones, vitamins, diet, anything that would explain why the body has never triggered the normal cycle.