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I am a 16 year old girl I am still a Virgin but I'm suppose to start my period in a few day but if I were to have sex this weekend would I have more chances to get pregnant or less of a chance. It will of course be protected if I do have sex but please help me and when you lose your virginity will it effect the way u walk or anything else?.. PLEAEE HELP ME!!!


Hi there

If you are using protection - as in a condom, make sure that once you are done with sex - check the condom for leaks and tear. If the condom has leaked or has a tear go get Plan B pill to avoid  unwanted pregnancy.

As for sex itself, do not attempt penetrative sex unless you are sufficiently wet down there. Spend time during foreplay. Learn to say no, if you are not wet enough. If you are dry down there, penetration can be painful. About the pain when a girl looses her virginity [her hymen] - yes, most women do feel pain because hymen is a thin stretched membrabe, when it tears during penetration - some girls do not feel pain, some feel it too much. As for bleeding - some have few drops of blood, some bleed too much, some do not bleed at all. So, there is no standard response to a girl's experience during losing her virginity.

Do not worry, you will be fine. Ensure you are sufficiently wet down there. Good luck