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just a thought..


could a girl really fall pregnant for the first time after having sex and being a virgin??


i mean her hymen has to be broken in order to have full on penetration, and for some that could at least take more than ONCE to break. unless the female was extremely sporty and her hymen was slightly ruptured.

i also feel that some girls experience pain or bleeding during sex, when they do have it for the first time, and any guy that does not acknoweledge her discomfort is a tiny bit barbaric, if it is her first time either.because it would like pushng a thick rod into a tiny key hole.

does it not take alot of practice to allow for full on penetration to occur? becuase i mean a full on erected penis is usually thicker than one finger. and breaking a hymen carnt be too much pleasure.

so what im tryng to ask is what are the chances of a virgin falling pregnant, with a very intact hymen?? wouldnt it alteast take 2-3 times to be fully penetrated with ejaculation to fall pregnant??


any answer would be gladly welcomed





Yes, a girl can fall pregnant the first time.  You don't need full on penetration, you just need ONE sperm into your vagina to get pregnant.  Sure, the odds of that may be low but it CAN happen.

The hymen may not be completely closed either.  You can be born without a hymen, or it can tear during normal activities growing up.

Full penetration is often painful at first, not just due to the hymen, but also to the stretching of the tissues in the vagina.  Like anything else, if they aren't used they are tight.  Couple it with a probably inexperienced male who is rushing and it can be very painful.  It is unlikely that she is well lubricated and she is probably nervous and "clamping" down a bit.

Hope it helps. 


A girl is definately able to fall pregnant on first time, it all depends on sperm count etc as some girls get lucky but its possible.


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