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I kinda had unprotected sex(i think).. is there any chances of being pregnant?

I discovered last night my boyfriend has a very small penis, smaller than average, just short of 3 inches.

I still wanted him to use a condom though, but as the condom was too big it just caused as issue for us to get it in. Sex wasnt planned. I dont even know if it even went in, in any of the times where we tried to have sex. But he ended up taking the condom off and his penis got very close to my vagina. I don't think it went in, and I'm pretty sure he wasn't 100% hard either.

I know you cant see sperm, so I'm a little worried right now. He's 3 years older than me, he wants kids soon whereas i want kids later in life. So if i was to land up pregnant I'd get rid of it... I'm only 17.

But about 15 minutes after everything sexual-wise happened i got my period and at the moment i am very heavy.

Does that mean anything?

Sexual activity wasn't planned, it was his first time and my first time. Although technically, I'm still a virgin as my hymen did not break because there was no way his penis or even the tip went in, that far. and if it did that was when he had the condom on.

I seem to end up doing stuff and then getting really worried and panicky after. I've always seemed to got away with things though, not that i get around with everyone lol.

I may get a pregnancy stick just in case.

What do you think...

Pls don't judge me.  I just need guidance and an opinion on what i should do.


Hey hun, you are fine and you are not pregnant. Please always use a condom when being sexual. And make sure you have sex when you are ready to have sex, not a minute sooner. It is important to be on the same page about having kids, since both of you are so young. Btw I don’t know what state you live in but in some states 17 is considered a minor and the 20 year old can get in trouble for sleeping with a minor. So please keep this in mind. Your hymen doesn’t determine your virginity, if you have penetrative sex than you are no longer a virgin. If you are panicky after such encounters than maybe you shouldn’t be doing it? Note that there is still a small chance of pregnancy if his penis is at the opening from his precum. I hope this helps! And if you guys decide to go all the way please use a condom. ❤️