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I'm 18 and not a very sexual person anymore, but when i moved i met this guy that was living with us. it was kinda an accident that we got involved but we had sex twice one week then about a week and a half later we had sex twice the same day, and he didn't use a condom anytime, he's clean and i'm clean. but the morning after we had sex i started noticing itching around my pubic area this was about a week ago. i also started getting sick at the smell or look of food. I havn't had any cramps just aching all over my stomach and my pubic region, after the aching stops it's a sharp pain all over. i feel very weak, i have trouble sleeping, I can not sleep more then two hours at a time. it's like clockwork, every two hours i wake up. my body temperature is acting wierd. half of my body is hot and half of it's freezing. then it'll switch to cold and hot. i'm craving wierd things to eat particurally tomato and banana sandwiches and bananas with cheese on them. and a couple of days ago i strated bleeding. extreamly light at first, i've never had a period be so light. Then the next day it was extreamly heavy. today it's light again. My tummy constantly aches and i keep getting dizzy and tired. I don't have a fever, everytime i've checked my temp it's been about 97.

I don't know what's wrong with me. I've had sex before but last week was the first time i've ever had an orgasm during sex. Everything started the morning after. I don't think i'm pregnant cause i've had my period. Is any of this related?

Thank you


when you mention the itching part makes me think it could be a STD, but then with the cravings thats kinda strange...some woman still bleed while they are pregnant but its quite rare, have you felt nausous at all?.......i would def go to the doctor to get it checked out. get a pap smear and get a pregnancy test while your there, the earlier you get it checked out the better they can treat it (in most cases) and it will take alot off your mind!! :-)