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On Oct 10th me and my GF had sex but the condem broke after i had ejeculated. I took her the next day to a clinic , they gave her the plan b pill. On this wensday she had really bad cramps and the next day a period. But her friends keep saying its implantation bleeding. She says its not spotty and it has lasted more than 2days. I just want to know if she overly stressing her self or should i be as worried as her.

Oh by the way the clinc gave her birth control pills but one months worth how can she get them for every month? She doesnt want her mom to know she is taking them. ( we are both 18 but her mother is very tradtional and doesnt know about us having sex)

Any help would be great!


I'm no expert, but I'm guessing if she took the Plan B pill, you don't have anything to worry about. Implantation bleeding is also a lot lighter than a normal period.

If your girlfriend needs more pills, she should try some of the family clinics. Planned Parenthood is a pretty safe bet and you can usually get pills from them at a discounted price if needed.

Hope that helps.