I am on birth control, and i am very regular when it comes to my period, but i've recently messed up on my birth control, i missed 3 pills, but took them even though the doc said if i miss more than 2 to stop the pack and go to the doc, i know HUGE mistake =/. Not long after i missed the pills, maybe a few dayas i started what i thought ws my period, but it was light, pink, and just spotty, i didn't know anything about implantation bleeding until i looked up what was going on and it described what i was having perfectly, so i took a pregnancy test that showed up negative, but it is still 2 weeks before my period is due, so maybe it was too early? I am still extremely worried, and i just wanted to know if the spotting was because of missing the birth control, or is it implantation bleeding. I've looked up many sites on implantation bleeding and it has described it all perfectly, but i really just don't know... oh please help =/