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The last time I had sex was Sunday morning, like 2am. The last day of my last period was March 25th. I'm not sure if I'm paranoid or if it could be a big possibility, now on to my symptoms..

1. I've felt nauseous for the past few mornings, but I haven't thrown up. I'll usually keep this feeling from like 6:30am until 11:30am.

2. I have had veryy bad heartburn and I've only had heartburn once previous to the past few days.

3. I typically eat pizza a few times a week and yesterday I cooked some pizza rolls because I was extremely hungry, shortly after (about 15mins) I got the nauseous feeling again but I just tried to lay down and get it to go away, luckily it did.

4. My stomach has been cramping really bad, like I'm about to start my period and now, three days after having sex I've started to spot a dark reddish brown color.

5. I've always had a problem with headaches but they've never been the type to make me dizzy or have the dizzy feeling until now.

6. I feel bloated, like when you're on your period or about to start and you try to suck in but it hurts or you just can't, that's how it is for me.

If you have any input on this please tell! I'm still not sure if it's too early to experience symptoms, I know it's wayy to early to take a test and turn out positive.


it could be a good possibility. im almost as curious as you are. lol. :D those symptoms are a sign of pregnancy but your right. it is way to early to tell. you can have symptoms right away. every woman is different. i never had heartburn until i was pregnant. with both of my sons. thats the only time i would get heartburn. but thats just me. you could have defentaley have ovulated. a woman can actually ovualte any time of the month. so it could have happend. i know its sucks, but you will have to wait to see if you start next month which is now this month. dont worry it will go by fast good luck. keep me posted


Thanks so much for your reply! I never thought I'd get one back haha. Well this is day 4, I still had heartburn throughout the day and my lower stomach is aching during times. I didn't feel as nauseous this morning like the previous three days but I am a little at times. I took a pregnancy test today just out of curiosity but of course it said no and I expected it to unless I was expecting multiples haha. I will definitely keep you posted though. Thanks again!