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On 3/29 my husband and I had a condom break. The next day we went and picked up Plan B. I took one pill that evening and the second pill not exactly 12 hours later (I know, I know...of all the things to forget, right?), more like 15 hours later. A few days after taking the EC I had some bleeding...initially on the brownish side and a shorter duration than a typical period.

Since then I haven't had a period, and it's been 38 days since I took the EC. Our little accident happened to fall just about on what would have been my a pretty fertile ovulation day, based on the first day of my previous period (started 3/16). I'm not the type to jump straight to worrying about husband and I have been together for almost 7 years and haven't had a pregnancy or any real pregnancy scares yet. Within the last week or so however, I've noticed symptoms that I've never had in conjunction with a period (I don't tend to suffer from many PMS symptoms). Most noticeably I have breast and nipple tenderness, general tiredness, a very BAD headache that lasted almost an entire day and I've been running VERY warm (I'm almost always cold while my husband is hot and for the last few days I've been blasting the AC and freezing him out of the house). Today I went for a run and as soon as I started running I felt like I absolutely had to go to the bathroom, like there was uncomfortable bladder pressure (however, I'm certain that I didn't have to go).

Finally today I went and picked up an EPT and got a negative result. Are all of these symptoms likely from the EC? Is it possible that I'm pregnant and it's just too early to get a positive result? Should I wait a week or so and if I don't have my period by then try the second test? Should I just realize that EC is some heavy stuff that can do wacky things to my body and stop worrying so much?

I know this question is posted all the time, but any possible input would be massively appreciated.


Plan B can cause your body to do abnormal things. bleeding, missing your period, and all are common. since you took a pregnancy test and it was negative, i would say that you are not pregnant. if your period doesn't return in the next couple of weeks, you can take another preganancy test, but i don't think that will be necassary. i hope this helps. take care.