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Hi (30 years old)

I was wondering if I am pregnant? I used an ovulation predictor kit and had intercourse at the right time. About 5 days after that I had a creamy discharge and about 4 spots of blood. Then about 7 days after ovulation I started to get dizzy and my breasts had a tingling feeling and a little bit sore. One day I was nauseous. I had heartburn (which I NEVER have had in my life) I have a empty feeling in my stomach almost always even after I have eaten. I also felt VERY light cramps in my lower abdomen and lower back. Then about everything disappeared expect a little breast soreness. My periods are VERY heavy and last about 10 days. I am about ALWAYS too early and would say my periods are irregular. I was due for my period yesterday, be only got it today and it is light brown. But I usually start my period with a few days of dark brown. I took a pregnancy test this morning, just before my period started and it come out negative. Is it possible that I still can be pregnant or is my body just adjusting to the sperm in my body and therefore all the symptoms of pregnancy? And is it possible that the test cannot detect when you have your period, because, there is definitely something going on in my body?


Well, since you got your period I doubt you're pregnant. But if you still believe you're pregnant wait until your period is over and then repeat the test. Take care.