Hello, here is my dilemma. About 2 weeks ago I have randomly become dizzy and had hot flash like feelings. There were a few times where I would feel dizzy and nauseous and need to lay down. I didnt think anything of it until I said to my sister that I have felt so weird the last couple days explaing mu dizziness and nausea and he said um you sound prgnant? My nipples were a bit sore on and off as well last week. The strange thing is this week I have not been feeling that way at all anymore, now I have noticed that I am extremly bloated, tired and emotional but no nausea. I am on birth control and my fiancé and I are not trying to get pregnant. I am due to start my period tomorrow which could be causing some of the symptoms this week but since I have been feeling strange for a few weeks I could not wait and I took a First Response pregnancy test yesterday. Immediately the control line become dark and after 3 min I didn't see another line. But then I went to throw it away and under the light I noticed an extremely faint second line, I thought I was seeing things so I brought it under the light and tilted it and saw such a light light second line but it was so light I could barely see it unless tiled up to the light and squinting. I plan to take another test tomorrow but until then I am just curious what others that have been though something similar think of my situation? Thank you!!