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So my last period started on August 31st and ended around September 3rd (So it was only about 4 days which is short for me). My boyfriend and I were celibate for the entire summer, just because. But on the 3rd, which was his birthday, we decided to have unprotected sex and my period was basically over, only spotting and I could go through the day with just a panty liner. He did not cum inside me at all.

However, according to my period tracker app (I used "MyDays" how accurate are those anyways?) I was suppose to get my period on September 28th. I'm not really sure how to calculate my "cycle" but I know that people say the average is the 28 days...I think I might be longer though. For example, if I get my period on the 10th of one month, I won't get it until around the 13-15th the next month. That being said I already know that the 28th would not be right. I was expecting maybe October 3th. But today is October 11th so I'm over a week late (giving myself leniency). I took 2 tests already. One yesterday (the 10th) and one this morning (11th). Both were from FirstResponse and said negative very clearly. I bought another test today from E.P.T. but I don't know. I don't want to use it yet. I've been waiting all day for some spotting. Anything. And still nothing. I don't have any pregnancy symptoms (no tender breasts, cramps, or soreness)

I've lost some weight in the past couple months, enough for people to notice... i don't know if that has anything to do with it. And I don't work out often, just about once or twice (moderately) a week. Someone help!! Does it sound like I'm pregnant?


well calm down i don't think u r pregnant. some times it happens and many times in  women' s lifetime...getting ur periods late by 5-7 days is normal sometimes 2-3 weeks. you may even miss ur periods for a whole month(i.e. u miss ur cycle).