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I've been experiencing bleeding 2 weeks after my period and do not know what is going on. I had my last period on August 22 and had unprotected intercourse with my husband on September 3rd and September 5th. On September 6 I started to have cramps and noticed bleeding that is not as heavy as my period. My next period isn't due until September 23. Has anyone gone through this type of problem? I'm not sure what this indicates. Any suggestions anyone?


Weird! im on here seraching for answers too. My case couldnt be More identical! Ended cycle on August 2nd INtercourse August 10th . Cramping started that night during intercourse! then again more intense on august 12th. By that evening, it was a watery start just as normal cycle, but by the next morning august 13th, it was heavier. Im lost too..