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My boyfriend and I weren't trying to conceive, but were leaving it up to nature... So yes I suppose we WERE trying.

August 2009 I came off my pill, he previously twisted a testicle and it could be twice as hard for him to conceive, so I wasn't too worried that it had taken so long when a year later we had no luck.
About a month ago (September 2010) I decided that nature had spoken and that we weren't ready, and as I was going on holiday in a few months and want to skip a period, I was going to go on the pill and take two packs back to back.
I went to my nurse and she prescribed me Logynon, because the pill I had been on before (Yasmin) was expensive and I had to try a cheap one for it to disagree with me and then I could go back on the Yasmin.

The Problem:
My period came two weeks early (which was unusual) and I began the pill from the first day of that early period. I take it the same time every day, but it had no signs of stopping after two weeks, so I went to the nurse. She said it could be the new pill and to see how my next period went. A week later, I was still on my period, so I went back to a different nurse. She asked if I could be pregnant and I said there was a chance I could've been, but that I guess now there's not. I even thought it could be a miscarriage. She also said it was the pill so put me back on Yasmin, as I'd had no problems before. I had just finished my Logynon pack so had 21 days of bleeding (light and brown after the first heavy few days) and took the Yasmin straight away so did not have my 7 day break. (as advised by nurse).

My Dilemma:
I have been taking the Yasmin for 4 days now, have been bleeding for 25, and have no idea when it will stop. The pill might be the cause of the prolonged period but it's unusual for it to be early, and it can't be due to the pill...
My questions are:
1) Why am I bleeding?
2) Could I be pregnant after all?
3) And if so, shouldn't I stop taking the pill immediately?
4) When do I next see the Dr if I'm STILL bleeding?

thanks for you help, I know it's complicated but I can't find any other information on the web.


Interesting that you say there's nothing on the entire web, still, my own gut reaction is first things first: stop the bleeding.

Basically, in my book, that would mean stopping introducing things into your body and letting your body stabilise. You even admit you skipped a recommended 7-day break. If you never stop eating, you will eventually vomit, and if you keep introducing powerful hormones into the body (pill) you're continually sending 'deal with this deal with this deal with this' messages and you're body is quite clearly already trying to deal with something.

Hopefully, if you stop the overload, the body will return to normal, and then you can consider re-starting a let's-cheat-nature-regime.

In this instance, ironically, you and nature are supposed to be on the same side: you both want the baby.

Maybe stand back for a while, and let it do its best to help: stabilise the system, then start over.

As to when to see a doctor, I'd say 25 days straight bleeding is way beyond where I'd hope my partner would at least pay a precautionary visit.



I took a home pregnancy test which was negative, went back to the drs and saw a dr rather than a nurse. She also specializes in fertility. She thinks there's something wrong with my hormones, it's a process of elimination and I'm having a blood test for pregnancy in the morning. I'm really emotional and scared!


It's been 5 weeks and I'm still bleeding.
I was given medicine to take to stop the bleeding and I could then have an examination
but they didn't work
I have been advised that if I wish to stop taking the pill, wait til I finish my pack
I'm worried that this is something serious and they're overlooking something? Or is it just caused by the pill?? :-(