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We're all guilty of being unkind to ourselves from time to time. However, when you realize how seriously negative self-talk can be in your life, you will wish to stop doing it at once and to learn how, keep reading.

Do you tell yourself you’re not good enough? Do you think others are better than you? Is there a nagging voice in your head that fills you with negativity and bad thoughts about yourself? Self-talk is the way you speak to yourself in your head. It can be positive or negative and with all of the stresses and complications in life, we can easily go down the path of beating ourselves up.

Negative Thinking

Thinking negatively can lead to feelings of pessimism and create unnecessary stress and anxiety. You can learn to turn negative thoughts into positive ones, but it is going to require effort and it will be challenging. The process of stopping negative self-talk begins with telling yourself this: Don’t say anything to yourself that you wouldn’t say to someone else. When a negative thought pops into your head, simply think about it rationally and respond with happy thoughts and think about what’s good about you.

What Are You Telling Yourself?

Excessively criticizing yourself most often backfires because it leads to us thinking about our failures instead of ways in which we could improve. Over the long term, negative self-talk is associated with higher stress levels and in some cases depression. Happily, we can all silence that nagging voice in our minds and avoid falling into the trap of berating ourselves.

Put Negative Things In Proportion

While we are busy beating ourselves up inside, a small mistake is inflated into an astronomical failure. The next time a negative thought enters your mind, take a few deep breaths and sit back. Quickly narrow down what the problem is and put it into a box. If you believe you messed up at work or didn’t keep a promise to someone, instead of thinking negatively about the situation, you should realize you just made a small blunder. Put it into a box in your mind that is actually the same size as the problem and then it will help you feel better about dealing with it.

Try Thinking Positively

We all feel a lot of pressure trying to do it all and to live up to our own ideal of perfection. However, when you are down about things and feel badly about yourself, research from the Mayo Clinic has found when we force ourselves to say positive things to ourselves it backfires and we wind up feeling worse. It’s because when we “lie” to ourselves, it sets off our inner lie detector. Instead of forcing ourselves to think positively, trying to think about something neutral seems to have a more positive effect on the mindset.

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