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I am 57year old w/F, 5'6", 140 pounds, physically active with sound nutrition and considered overall healthy. I fell on my left knee while hiking in July, and after sustained, but minimal crepitus for 4 months I went in for an x-ray that determined my knee to be totally normal, with no indication of damage from a 10 year ago skiing injury that had stretched my ACL and MCL to the max. (At that time I had had 12 months of PT for rehabbing the injury.) However, the x-ray indicated a 4-5 CM non-occifying fibroma at the top of my tibia. I was followed up with MRIs of both my knee and tibia, and now am being scheduled for a radiotope bone scan.

Nothing was mentioned about this fibroma when I had all my x-rays/mri from 10 years ago, so the doctor's comment that the tumor is likely rom childhood seems unlikely to me!

I also have what I believe my dermatologist called "fibromas" on my skin along my jaw line. They have shown up since I went on an estrogen patch 4 years ago (vivelle) after a hysterectomy that resulted from uterine fibroids the size of a 5 month pregnancy. Do you suspect a connection among these incidents?

My husband was doing a preceptorship this week at the Cleveland Clinic, and the only reference study that was pulled for him was dated 1964!!

If there is an autoimmune connection, I have Raynauds and possible Soegrens Dry Eye, a sister who had Graves Disease, and a niece with Lupus. Can you give me some up-to-date insight?


Hello there. I am curious what they ended up finding out for you. I know this post is two years ago. Hopefully you will have a response emailed to you. My son, age 13, when it started 6/07, completed severed is left femur in half due to a Non Ossifying Fibroma. To Today's date he has had two more surgeries. His right leg fractured due to another NOF, and had surgery 6/09. 6/08 he had surgery on his leg femur because the hardware they put in was causing him pain and pushing out the cortex. Last week we went to the doctor because he was experiencing pain in his right femur towards the neck. They took x-rays and found two more tumors on the right and left femurs. We are now waiting to see a team of Stanford Specialists to run a battery of texts to include blood work, and bone scan, and genetics testing. What did they find out about you? My son is now 15 yrs old, very scared, and they are talking about it possibly being a bone disease. Any ideas? %-)