Extremely urgent its time for decision

I am from india

I am 24 years old male

i met with  an accident one year ago on 14/07/2011

and my leg right tibia and fibula were fractured  and the orthopedic surgeon fixed

ORIF right proximal tibia with locking plate

but till now the fracture was not healed and am able to walk with the help of elbow crutches is already 12months

the x-rays were same there is little  difference in the X-ray which were taken in the period of every  month

some doctors were saying need bone grafting and some doctors saying is healing

last month the doctor advised me to walk with out  any support

I did the same and after 4 weeks the plate side is pain 

I am not having any pain I can walk up to 2 km with out any support.

After that I anm unable to walk because of pain and met with the doctor and he taken ct scan and the ct scan report was

The radiologist given report as

Status of post operative plates and screws are noted in tibia

Old fracture proximal tibia shaft of right tibia is seen with sclerosis along the fracture borders

With 5 mm gaping noted. Minimal callus seen  antero-laterally. As  compared to fibula callus formation is less –suggestive of non united fracture.

The doctor said fracture was not healed and he did bone grafting


the same right proximal tibia

with autologus+autogenes  bone graft+tightning of screws

now I am taking calcium carbonate 500mg

doctor advied to non weight bearing for 6 weaks

the doctor kept knee immobiliser

my question is what is the time required to heal the fracture after keeping bone grafting

and what can be done to speeden the fracture healing

and is there any method to fasten the fracture healing

after 6 weaks

doctor advied to non weight bearing for20-25% weight beagring

I am having no pain at the fracture site and I tried for  100% weight also

I am not having any pain

But I am walking with the help of walker for 25% weight

Can I continue on 25% weiht bearing