hi i fell over 4 years ago now on to the top of my knee cap it swelled up and was really painful the swelling went down and there has been a lump on the top of my knee ever since i have put up with it for 4 years haven't really had any pain in it but for the last month now i have been in agony with it, it throbs like mad and it feels like a piece of bone on the top of my patella i can move it around with my fingers and my knee under the lump feels like a deep whole the lump just basically floats over the whole i had x-rays 2 years ago and they came back fine i think they have missed it to me if feels like a piece of bone. i have now  got an appointment to see an ortho but i have got a whole month to wait i am in agony can just about walk on it a little but can.t fully stretch it when i walk so i am hobbling around. i just think its weird that it has bin ok for 4 years now i am having all this trouble with it any ideas or simular experiences