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For starters im a healthy 23 year old. I have a 27 day cycle and my periods last 3-4 days which always come on full blast. With that being said my last period was October 11 lasted 3 days. My fiance and I had sex on the 19th and 21st and 31st which i spotted after sex using the pull out method (yes i know does not always work and not the best to prevent pregnancy) On November 6th I started spotting really light Just few spots on pad here and there and was light pink and i continued to spot like that for 8 days!! At some points it was a bit darker and flowed just a bit more but 3 of the 8 days i did not even need to wear a pad it was so light. Have been feeling cramps (usually dont) tender boobs, nausea, dizzy spells, and craving bananas and sprite (dont like either). Can anybody tell me whats going on am I pregnant? Is this my period? Or is it implantation bleeding(which can last as long as eight days)?


Yesterday and today ive been having sharp pains in my right side around where ovaries would be. PLZ someone give an opinion??