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alright so a little over a month ago i was diagnosed with chlamydia and gonorrhea i was put on one antibiotic for 10 days for the chlamydia and then but on a cream instert for the gonorrhea about three days into that treatment my genitals became extremely swollen and itchy, i called my gyno and they took me off of it an put me on another antibiotic for 7 more days my genitals eventually shrunk down but the itching never stopped i finished my medications i had protected sex twice which was slightly painful but the guy was very thick the second time hurt a little more after the itching was quite unbearable and i found myself constantly itching i tried using anti itch cream and preperation h down there to try to stop it... my vagina then became extremly sore after about a 3 or 4 days of pain i went to the hospital the doctor gave me a papsmear which was one of the most painful things i ever had to expirence she told me that she thought that the antibiotics my gyno gave me didnt fully get rid of the infection she gave me a shot of antibiotics in my bum and then i am on a 14 day perscrpition of antibiotics again and she gave me a numbing gel for the with that all being said after i went to the hospital i noticed a few small sores on my vagina near the opening and towards my anus i have a pus filled discharge itchin and very painful urination expecially when it hits the sores i find myself almost in tears when i have to urinate the sores have seemed to get larger and larger an i wonder if its the numbing gel makin them get bigger but its the only thing i have right now for the pain it hurts to sit walk move anything an everything i have spent hours lookin up sores that look similar to mine an i cant find them there are two very long thin ones that are the worse they have a white raised edge and a pink middle they dont look like herpes but im terrified they still could be i suspect that my doctor must have seen them forming but she said nothing she diagnosed me with vaginitis and im waitin for my cultures to come back im at my brink and i dont know how much more i can take i dont wanna go to school and work but i dont have a choice the pain an itching is constant an unbearable i feel horrible and i really am just ready for all of this to end and it just wont someone please please please just comment if youve expirenced this i feel alone right now an unsure of what to do i need help




By how you wrote, you sound young.  I am sorry you are going trough this ordeal, my dear.  My recommendation is to see at least two or three other gynocologists.  Push for answers.  To relieve itching, especially at night, try putting plain yogurt.  I use Mountain High.  Just put a small amount, and put on a light day mini pad.


Next, stop having sex with men you are not married to.  People don't ask about sexual history, and if people answers, they don't tell the truth, anyway.  There is a price to pay for having sex with 'guys' when you don't know their family history and how many and, more importantly, they have had sex with.  Just pick a good man and marry him.  First, both be checked out and both be honest about your past immoral behavior.  Then, you don't have to worry about these things.  Or, if you don't find a guy, just don't have sex until you do.  It could be years, but it's not the end of the world, and you have peace of mind and no itchy superbugs on your private parts.

I used to be very sexually active and have many partners (maybe 30 or so) in my life.  I learned that that is now how we are wired.  A woman has an open reproductive system, and a man has a closed one.  Women are more vulnerable to all kinds of things.  Please take care of yourself physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Not sure if you are a Christian or Catholic, but you might be interested to know that the Bible reads that fornication is an abomination.  In sex without marriage, the women loses big time.

Hope you get better.