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Mom sais it's called a "headrush" but there has to be something going on. I had just got done researching epileptic and non epileptic siezures and the only symptoms i could find that match mine is numb limbs, spasms, confusion, and loss of awareness



before anybody could tell you exactly what all those symptoms combined together mean, you'll need to give more details. For example - do you feel dizziness and lose awareness triggered by certain event, or is it just random; do all these symptoms - together with numbness and spasms happen at the same time? Details such as this are important because it could be very easy to attribute dizziness, numbness and loss of consciousness to anemia or low blood sugar, but like you found out for yourself already - they happen too in epileptic seizures, for example. Do you have a headache or some other symptom when you're experiencing this?

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