hi, im 22 and have polycystic ovaries. Ive recently been caring for my gran full time as my grandads just had a major operation and she has Parkinson disease so needs round the clock care. more so now the first night my grandad was in hospital she broke her wrist. i never get physical sickness i cant remember the last time i threw up. i woke up this morning at 6.30 to help my gran to the loo and i felt physically sick, to the point were if i wasn't supporting my grans weight i would have had my head down the toilet. when i lie down i feel fine, but when im stood up its murder. i feel as though i cant go anywhere thinking im going to throw up. its not too bad when i sit down, but i still get a cramp like feeling as though im going to vomit across my stomach. if i use the loo my bowels are slightly loose, but not very and the feeling goes for about 20 minutes before its back. im taking amoxocillin for a throat infection at the moment, does anyone have any ideas what it could be?