Well my name is Michael and for starters I would like to say I blame TacoBell. About 4 months ago I ate at Tacobell and after eating it I felt like I had to go to the bathroom really bad and I was up vomiting throughout the night. I ended up going to the hospital about a week and a half later and they treated me with stomach spasms. I was put on Vicoden for the pain and dicyclomine for the spasms and omemprazole for the anti acid. About 2 weeks later I was still terrible constantly feeling nausea and stomach pain. They assumed it was H Pylori and gave me the antibiotic treatment. I was overdosed pretty much instead of taking 500 mg of Clarithomycin and 1000 mg of Amoxocillin I was on 1000 of the Claritho and 2000 of the Amox. I was still taking the anti acid and stomach spasm meds. I've been extremely gassy I constantly belch and feel nausea. When I thought it was starting to get better I got worse. I got blood work about a month ago and everything came back beautiful so they are confused to what it could be. I do not have insurance so I cant go to the GI specialist. I have tried Gas X and Phanzyme for the belching. I have tried zofran for the nausea. I can barely eat and as of the last 2 months I barely go to the bathroom. I am extremely constapated and it sucks. It has gotten to the point that I have very bad hemmoroids that are internal. I go to the bathroom maybe once every 2 weeks even though I barely eat when I do I dont digest it. When I do go to the bathroom I cant fully pass bowel because the hemmoroids are like preventing it if thats possible. Like it just not happening. My mom is saying screw it we need to get me checked no matter what but I would hope maybe someone could read this and give me a idea. Its been about 4 months. My symptoms are mainly nausea when eating that is only relieved by belching. Barely passing bowel. Belching a lot. Stomach pain occasionally. I just dont know what to do anymore any information would be lovely. I am only 17 years old and I turning 18 in about a month and to be honest this is scaring me and everyone around me because I also went from being 210 pounds 4 months ago to weighing 145 140 ish. Please help thank you if you take the time to read this.