I am 4 weeks pregnant I went t o Dr and they did tests said I'm pregnant they did a sonogram said I'm to early in pregnancy to see a sac ,  when I went to Dr two days before I started cramping then bleeding I told the midwife she said that was normal women will bleed and still have their baby ,, the day after I started bleeding heavy and clotting and bad cramps I went to er gave the urin and just blood and clot Dr said that my clotting was from resting from pelvic rest and explained why I clotted and said I was a 916 in blood count that he believes my pregnancy is fine for me to continue prenatals , and for me to continue pelvic bed rest no swimming no baths no smoking no second hand smoke no caffeine no sex , well after er last night I have continued to bleed and just clotting a lot I have read some successful stories of women still giving birth and have done the same thing but today in one of my clots because I inspect all my clots all of them have disintegrated felt one I picked up tiny like a tiny twig kinda fleshy in color but bloody and hard as a rock ,, other one latter was small just thick blood clot how ever I'm told my nurse to be calm I am fine by I'm scared I have 8 year old son who wants a sibling I have always wanted another child I have never had this happen to me in pregnancy before. So I am concerned please keep me and my pregnancy and baby in your prayers,, does anyone know or have had the same happen to them ,, I know every thing does happen for a reason and God define plan ,, can someone please give me advice or tell me if they have had the same happen to them and outcome?