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So, I've had my period for like a day. It was normally coming on time as usual. I wasn't stressed or anything. but it seemed to be late. I'm only 18 so I figured nothing like menopause could be happening. I'm way too young for that. But I got the goo period discharge that lets you know you have your period, which I never get, I usually get high fevers or dirreah or cramps a couple of days before it comes. Last time it was completely normal. I had cravings. But this time I didn't. I just kept eatting a lot. I haven't been eatting as much lately like I was used to and I did lose weight but thats normal with me from going in a different range between 117 tp 127, so that really doesn't freak me out. But that fact that I woke up this morning and my tampon wasn't even full. And finding a hit of blood on the top of the tampon and just the discharge again around it. But the other day when I went to the bathroom I kept wiping more blood came. I have ovrian cysts but that haven't occured. I've had them since I was 15. There are no signs of them and they usually deplayed my period, but since after two burst when I was 16 nothing else has happened and my period has been normal. I know that cysts will be with you for you whole life but, what could be causing this?


All I know is when you are 18 you can still get irregular periods, maybe one thats super short or super long. some times your regular symptoms can change too. But unless you can deal with getting pregnant it is best to go on birth control.

I have a similar problem and so far I haven't read any explanation for it..

I have irregular periods so i never know when they are coming or going but I had brown spotting on and off for several weeks, then one day I thought my period was here when i got a tone of red bleeding, but it was just a one time thing. and then my bf and i had sex and half way through the next morning there was tones of blood but then that was it.. so It's really weird. Now I don't have anything at all..

The only thing i have noticed is that my moods have completely changed in the past week. i went from normal to witch of the month!! it was awful.
my bf and I have unprotected sex and have been doing so for the past 2 boobs kinda hurts but its hard to say..

could I be pregnant or is this some thing serious??
I am planning to go to the doctors but I work a lot so It's hard to make the time


I think you're a little amoebic. You could be having pelvic inflammatory disease. It could be due to the ovary cysts also. In any case you need to go for a PAP smear test.
Take care.