hi, im 31 and havent had sex since i was 22 after i had my daughter..my period had always been irregular. at first it was a few months of no period then id get my regular 3 day period.. this has been going on for years now.. a couple of years ago my period wouldnt stop after the 3rd day.. i would have it for months and months.. i went to the emergency room and the doctor told me i had a tear in my wall ( dont really know what that ment) so they gave me birth control.. after the second day of taking it my period stopped.. when it came time for my cycle my period would last a couple months of severe heavy flow then it would just stop... well this year i didnt get my period in jan but got it in feb and it was normal... well my cycle started again in march and hasnt stopped since.. i wasnt too concern because it was normal flow to light flow.. when i got up this morning my flow is so heavy that i have to change my tampon and pad every 45 mins and i use the super plus tampon and the overnight pad at the same time. granted the pad is huge i figured it would be helpfull.. but i hasnt.. in the time ive taken to type this post ive had to change 3 times..