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Hi, I have a lot of questions! So I had my first period last month and my sister told me to get this my days app to keep track of my period and it said I should have gotten my period 3 days ago and I still haven't had it. I was also wondering if discharge is normal after you get your period. I know that discharge is supposed to happen before you get it but what about now? I have been having really bad discharge lately too. Today it went through my underwear and on my pants! It's really gross! Then I looked at my vagina and the hair and bottom parts had the discharge on them! GROSS! Also lately I have been having a very small uncomfortable feeling in my vaginal opening... what's that all about? And while we're talking about my period and such, when I had my period I rarely bled during the night... normal? I really need some answers! Preferably by someone who knows what they're talking about! OH! One last question! Tampons, I have heard really good things about them and I am really active and the pad was just a pain to deal with! Is it too soon to start using one? I am 14. Thank you so much! 


You're incredibly lucky to have gotten your period at 14. I'm only 15, and I've had it since I was like 11. 

If you're active, switch to using mostly tampons. Life is MUCH easier...use pads at night. Also, I don't bleed a lot at night just depends on the person. I think it's because we're laying down, not moving much unlike during the day where gravity takes hold.... also, you should look into getting O.B. brand tampons. They were designed by a woman, unlike the traditional tampon, and grow wide, not they're super comfortable, super absorbent, small, and easy to carry.


Just don't ever wear a tampon longer than 8 hours, and find one that suits your bleeding level. Personally, I bleed like there's no tomorrow and I went like two years without realizing I had to change the absorbency. In short...if you have to change a tampon every hour because of leaking, you need a stronger tampon.   Research Toxic Shock Syndrome. It's a bacterial infection from wearing a tampon too long. I went through a phase when I was deathly scared of it (no pun intended), but I got over that. I'm DONE with pads. They're messy and too much work, and I don't wear a tampon longer than five hours, so I never worry. 

Don't buy products that are scented, they just give you irritation and rashes... it's never too soon to start using's just a method of..sanitary bandage/collection? Just don't worry man. Get some tampons, use em' right, and don't worry unless you have pain or sickness or something. Discharge is completely normal too. I had problems like you, and I was ashamed to tell people I had massive amounts of discharge, so I've just dealt with it for years with light pantiliners... but surprisingly after I became sexually active, the discharge has pretty much completely stopped.. 

Also, it's nice to keep track of your period, but periods are wonky and can be like weeks late, or early. Don't worry about when your period comes and goes if it's early or late, unless you're sexually active. 

If you're going on a trip, a sleepover, or something, you can also take ibuprofen a few days before your expected period. It will postpone it for a day or two...neat trick I learned...