Hi, I'm 25 years old and my boyfriend and I are planning our pregnancy. I took an ov test and the next to last test I had, had two lines but the second line wasn't as dark as the first. The last ov test 04/20/20047 I had also had two lines but the second line was a little bit darker that the test I had taken that day before. I was wondering could I be pregnant because of the spotting that took place 04/17/2007 and 04/20/2007 after my calculated date from genetree.com 04/19/2007. Also it is hard for me to tell because of my breast being tender when it is time for my cycle to start every month. My next scheduled date for my cycle is 05/3/2007. could someone please help me to figure out what the reason of two ov spottings. _[removed]_ if someone could e-mail me that would be very appreciated.