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I had sex on the 18 of February, and on the 19 I noticed some pinching sesations, took ovulation kit and it showed positive for ovulation. can I really get pregnant after one time, but we had fun 3 times that day, what are my chances?


First of all are you reading the ovulation test correctly? It will show two lines but the second line has to be the same color or darker than the control line. If it is lighter it means your going to be ovulating soon but not at that moment. You can ovulate two times in a month if your body releases two eggs at different times. This happens a lot when multiples run in your family.

As far as your chances of conceiving, it is very likly to conceive if you had sex and was showing a true positive on your test. Wait until your period and if it is late take a pregnancy test. Also some women say they feel a pinching sensation around the time of implantation.