Hi, I've been off oxycotin for 2 years,, after being on for 11 years.. I started off taking 10 mg a day over the 10 year period my ending dose was 80 mg 3x a day along with oxycone 10 mg for in between pain.. and I was on xanax for a year and half.. I quit both within a week of weaning, I hit rock bottom no one wanted to help and i was clueless.. I went off way to fast and was really sick!!!! I figured i had nothing to lose either the drug was going to kill me or withdrawal.. i didn't really have a choice I knew i wouldn't be around much longer with the amount of meds i was on,, and wasn't sure if withdrawal was going to kill me but i wanted to at least let my family see that i gave it a fight..well with that said I can tell you that i'm very suprised that i made it.. It's been a long two years but i'm doing much much better, I decided to write this because my husband use to read other peoples stories to me and I have to honestly say that is what got me though. I check myself into rehab which lasted a day and half.. no help was treated like a criminal..hearing advise from others who have been their and family support is what got me through,, no doctor or rehab, my experience with doctors when i was going through withdrawal was horriable they didn't understand me they just percribed more meds they have no idea how withdrawal feels nor do i think they care.. and when i went to reb most of the people their were court ordered to be there so I did't get anything out of it but treated like a criminal.. maybe a very expensive rebeb by the ocean somewhere but who can afford that right.. anyway if anyone can relate to my story I hope it's been helpful..