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Hi everyone,
Yes I know what you are going through and I want to help by sharing what helped me and that if I CAN DO IT, I promise you can. I am not a Doctor, I have my Master's in another field and it is Forensics and Criminal and Social Justice. Believe me many autopsies have been performed with lethal doses of drugs in their system. They were teenagers all the way up to older people. You do not want to die choking on your vomit. 

Enough said about that. I ride and break horses and animals are my life! My two wonderful teenagers are MY LIFE! I have German Shepherds and Macaws that NEVER shut up, lol. Well I was thrown from a young wild mare and broke four ribs, swelling and bleeding on the brain and I could hear everything the nurse said while I was in a light coma and sedated. I swear I am like a horse when it comes to meds. Well, it wasn't the horse's fault. Last thing I remember was seeing a jerk on a motor bike I put my gloved hand up to mean STOP! My oldest daughter was on her huge horse and I thought she was going to get hurt. Well My horse reared back wards and i was thrown into pure cement. I remember waking up in the hospital and thanked God when the swelling and bleeding on my brain stopped and my ribs did not puncture my lungs. I was a wreck and messed up my back extremely bad, so my family physician referred me to a pain Doctor. He put me on morphine and percocet each four times a day! My personality changed and I stopped enjoying life and just wanted to die. Two years were wasted with back surgery, etc. I never took more than I should because I was in Forensics and saw how morphine and these combination of drugs can kill you. Also, in that year my best friend Mark was one of the best F.B.I. Agents and was the head of his group, died. My ex-husband had an affair! I was just a walking ghost. 

I won't lie to you I got off of the morphine with suboxone, ( My personal advice is don't touch suboxone it is hell to get off ). My ex threw a huge trunk at me because I wanted a divorce and their went two dangerously crushed ribs and I had to go on percocet  and at any given moment my lung could have collapsed! I couldn't breath with the pressure and pains from my injuries. The doctor said I had to take the percocet but really needed oxycotin! said NO and he kept me on 6 percs a day. Now I know how football players feel. 

I quit cold turkey six weeks ago. I NEVER want to go through that again. My mother came and stayed with me and this is how I am still here.
The third through tenth day was pure hell!!!!!!! I talked to my Doctor and he gave me Phenegren, yet the coming out of my skin and never getting comfortable was the worst and my back and migraines! I took Clonidine, alka-seltzer for the flu. I was in ER 7 times for fluids and a toradol shot for my migraines. The migraines NEVER subsided. So shaking, motor skills awful called my Doctor again. This is what he gave me.

2. valium at night------didn't work had no sleep restless legs and laid there crying.
3. seroquil
5. immetrex------nothing took my headache away and NEVER slept
6. tried every sleeping pill under the sun-------1 hour here and there
7. I finally passed day 17 and thought I would fall if I even tried to walk ( was a gym rat 2-4 hours a day in the gym) I couldn't even lift a cup!!!!

Never EVER want to take a pain killer unless I am dying! It was worst than ANYTHING I've ever been through. And I have been through ALOT!
Slept three hours last night and wish I had found this earlier. When you are ready to quit here are some things you can get at your vitamin store.
1.melatonin drops,2.Advanced sleep formula,3.revitalizing sleep formula,4. Migrelief.......Please call your Doctor for help. God was my anchor and I am praying for all of you. NO ONE understands UNLESS THEY HAVE BEEN THROUGH IT! Please have a friend or relative come stay with you. You will need all the support you can get and help to the bathroom!
God Bless! If I can do it so can all of you!


Amazing story. Thank you.