11 days post surgery.


Take laxatives and don't become constipated which I stupidly did.  I was prescribed Fybogel only, which actually CAUSED my excruciating constipation. Therefore my advice to anyone having this procedure is:

Take a preventative laxative post surgery, my GP prescribed Magnesium Hydroxide plus Senocot.

Ask your GP for 'Instillagel' which is a topical anaesthetic to help with wound pain in general and to be used before a bowel movement.

Why don't the hospital prescribe these before you leave?  COST is the only reason I believe.

Arm yourself with as much as you can and you'll get through it.  11 days post surgery and the raw pain is subsiding so the worst is over but boy, don't get constipated or you'll suffer.  Hope this helps!